Multiple Profiles

Multiple Profiles is a paid subscription benefit for power users who have multiple businesses or want to separate their personal from business expenses.

Each “Profile” is treated like a self-contained entity with it’s own Connected Apps and all Data separated from the other accounts. This allows you to run multiple businesses without the traditional logout and login with another account.

Step by step

NOTE: You need to be a paying subscriber (or on the free 14 days trial period) to use this feature.

  1. Within Veryfi app, press the “More” footer tab.
  2. The More view pictured below left shows up. Below the list of Profiles you can see “ADD ANOTHER PROFILE”. Press it to start the process.
  3. Pictured below are the steps you will go through when adding a new profile to your account. When you are done, you will see a new Profile in the list.

Veryfi's Multiple Profiles

Multiple Profiles on the Veryfi Hub (web portal)

If you use the Veryfi Hub (web portal) to access your data, then you can also take advantage of Multiple Profiles as pictured below.

Veryfi Multiple Profiles
Veryfi Hub is accessible from

  • Only your Primary Profile (the 1st one you created) is allowed Login to the Veryfi mobile and web apps. Important to remember. You must use the in app switching by tapping from the list of Multiple Profiles when you want to switch to another Profile.
  • The 2 Profile types – Business and Self-Employed generate a different set of Categories specific to that account type.
  • If in doubt or need help please contact us.

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