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For the following you will need to be logged in to Veryfi web app. Login to Veryfi

TIP: There is an onboarding video you can watch (link at the end of this post) which goes over all the points covered in this checklist.

The basics

Key: LHMenu = left hand menu inside the hub.

1. Check your Default Settings. Helps to make sure your Veryfi tools are correctly configured reflecting your taxes, timezones, company information, security lockdown etc..
Navigation: LHMenu > Profile Photo (Settings).

2. Your Email. While inside Settings, add your email to your address book. And read how to handle digital receipts with Veryfi. Note; the is only used to collect digital receipts/bills. Your username is used to Logon to ALL Veryfi services.

3. Add Payment Type. Doing this improves the accuracy of payment identification from a receipt/invoice.
Navigation: LHMenu > Dimensions > Payments

4. Connect your Cloud Accounting. Explore available accounting app connections you can use to extend Veryfi with. Veryfi supports Quickbooks Online, Sage, Xero and Saasu. (30 seconds to connect)
Navigation: LHMenu > Connected Apps

5. Add Cloud Storage. Veryfi supports integration with Dropbox, Box, Google Drive etc as a secondary backup medium for all your business financial documents. (30 seconds to connect)
Navigation: LHMenu > Connected Apps

6. Download Veryfi mobile apps (if you haven’t already).

veryfi on Google Play App Store Veryfi on iTunes App Store

Note: Enabling mobile permissions is an important step during its 1st time use. Make sure you understand why we ask for camera & location services. Turning them off will impact your Veryfi experience.

7. Watch How to Scan your 1st Receipt to learn about the power of Veryfi’s Camera with auto receipt detection, image corrections & fast 3 second processing.
?️ URL: (5 mins)

8. Watch Project Management & TimeSheets for a step by step walk through on how to setup Projects and get started on using Timesheets by Veryfi.
?️ URL: (15 mins)

9. Schedule a 1:1 Demo. A 30 mins 1:1 walk through will save you time and allow the opportunity to ask questions how to setup your workflow.
Schedule a 1:1 Demo

10. Enjoy!
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Your team

My Team inside Veryfi

Add Your Team to gain a full 360 visibility of where money is going, why and by who. Veryfi is better together when your team is also onboard. Invite them now using our onboarding form.

Navigation: LHMenu > My Team
Task: Inside My Team, from the Tab (as pictured) press “+ Team Member” to open team onboarding form. Fill out the form and press the blue submit button. They will be sent an invite email with next steps.

Invite your Accountant or Bookkeepers to empower them with finance visibility and health of your business. This helps reduce exchanging paperwork and communicating the state of your business via email or phone.

Navigation: LHMenu > My Team
Task: Inside My Team, from the Tab (as pictured) press “+ Invite Accountant” to open accountant invite form. Fill out the form and press the blue submit button. They will be sent an invite email with instructions on why they got that email and next steps.

Additional Resources

Blog. This includes articles on features and how to use them, best practices and industry news. It’s all there. Use the Search icon in the header to locate articles faster.

Migrating your Data. If you need help migrating your data from another provider then please let us know. We provide this service free of charge.

Feedback. We want to hear from you. Please let us know what is and what isn’t working with Veryfi. We move fast and if you ask for a feature that adds a lot of value we will prioritize it and have it in your hands to test within days. how to provide Veryfi team feedback

Gift & Make $$$. We will reward you with credits towards your Veryfi subscription for all the referrals and ratings you give us on iTunes, Google Play, Capterra and G2 Crowd. Learn more.


Veryfi Hub Onboarding Checklist

Snap Receipts, Get Data Back in Real-Time

Project Management & TimeSheets in Veryfi. A Step by Step Walk Through for Admins.

More Veryfi videos are found on our Veryfi YouTube Channel.

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