How the FREE 14 Days PRIME+ Test Drive works

How IQBoxy 14 Day Trial of PRIME+ Works

First 14 Days

When you 1st subscribe to Veryfi, you will automatically get the PRIME+ plan for FREE. For 14 days you will be able to use all Veryfi products for FREE. No credit card payments required to subscribe or use the product within the 14 days.

Leading up to the end of the 14 days, we will send you remainder emails of what will change after the 14 days.

Day 14, and beyond

You will get 2 options:

  1. Continue using Veryfi on a downgraded plan called STARTER. This plan is very limited allowing only 10 receipt scans per month, no web app access and no connected apps. No action is required from you to downgrade to this plan.
  2. Upgrade your account to one of our Premium Plans. This is the only time we ask you for your credit card information over a secure connection.

No data loss

Moving between plans (up or down) always maintains the integrity of your data. Your data is safe and secure with Veryfi until you delete your account at which point we permanently erase all your data at your request. Should you change your mind later on we cannot recover the deleted data.

How to upgrade to a Premium Plan

1. Go here
2. Follow on-screen prompts.

After the upgrade, all the features will unlock and you can use the product.

Simple right?

If you run into any issues please let us know on or using the chat window on our website / apps. We respond fast. We are here to service you.

❤️ Team Veryfi

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