Features lab explained

Have you heard about Veryfi’s Features Lab? If not then this section is for you. Features Lab is a Sandbox for new things. At Veryfi when we feel something needs more user feedback we will launch it turned off and allow you to play with it by switching it on inside Features Lab. Simple right.

How to get to Features Lab

1. In iPhone app, from the footer menu select “More”.

More view inside Veryfi app

2. Halfway down the More list you will see “Features Lab”.

The famous Features Lab

Features lab list

StartsDefines which view to launch when app launches.
Save Documents on DeviceAdditional backup of your documents to your device’s gallery > Veryfi folder.
TouchID app lockdownAdditional level of security using the fingerprint scanner available in iPhones 5s+.
Scan > Auto Receipt DetectionDuring collection (scan), the app will try to detect your financial document and auto crop it. Green rectangle is visible when a document is found.
Scan > Auto Blur DetectionApp will inspect your photos in real-time to make sure they are sharp and clear ready for OCR processing. If your photo is blurred the app will give you the option to re-snap.
Scan > Auto LightIf you don’t like your device’s light to automatically turn on when snapping receipts, then turn if off here.
Scan > Auto Receipt CaptureIf you don’t like pressing the big blue button to snap a photo of your receipts then let the software do it for you. Note, receipt detection has to be activated to help with the confidence levels when to auto snap a photo.
Scan > NotificationsWhether you want to see notifications from your scans.
Darken the HeaderDarkens the header to make the text and buttons easier to read on some devices.
Reimbursable DefaultWhether to have the flag Reimbursable turned on by default for all documents. You can see this inside the Document Detail view towards the bottom.
After ScanThe View to navigate to after the end of each Collection (scan)
Docs > ExtraTo see Tags or Category for each document in the Documents list view
Docs > DateHow to display (date/time format) the date/time on the Documents list
Clear Offline Documents CacheIf your receipts ever jam in the queue while being uploaded you can use this button to clear the queue.

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