How to provide Veryfi team feedback

At Veryfi we love regular honest feedback.

This is why we launched internally a sophisticated ticketing system when you email us on or use the green HELP button on all our online pages. We want to hear from you.

Not sure if a new mobile build is broken?

Email us on or check out our Twitter page for status updates.

Not sure how to use something inside the app or web hub?

Email us on or schedule a demo call with our team.

Want training for your team on how to use Veryfi most effectively?

Email us on or schedule a demo call with our team.

Have an idea for a feature or change that would help you get business done faster?

Please let us know

Google Play & iTunes App Store

We love your feedback and ratings on both Google Play and iTunes App Store because it (a) helps the app get noticed and (b) allows others looking for a solution like Veryfi make better decisions.

Veryfi - receipts & bills tracker, expense reports on iTunes
Veryfi Self-employed on Google Play for Android

If something is broken with the apps please email us on since we have a formal process to handle these tickets. Leaving a comment on app store means we might not see if until later. But sending us an email to you get the attention of the whole company immediately.

No Bull customer support

Our No Bull approach to customer support

Customer support at Veryfi is provided to you by a qualified Veryfi engineer/s whom is a user of the product and understands it inside and out. We do not believe in outsourcing one of the most important parts of our business or connecting you to someone that reads a script.


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