SMB clients send thousands to millions of dollars of transactions to systems for bookkeeping. That’s the life journal of their business. Therefore they need to trust that the provider is taking all the necessary precautions to make sure only they and their assigned accountant have access to the data.

Veryfi employs all industry encryption standards like TLS1.2 and AES at rest and in transit. Additionally, access is locked down with MFA (multi-factor authentication) + biometrics and passwords are one-way encrypted. More here on Veryfi security.

But it goes farther: There is no human augmentation or injection anywhere in the workflow. Veryfi algorithms coupled with machine vision and machine learning are precise enough to allow us to run a business 100% on machines and comply with GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA.


A somewhat poorly kept secret in pre/accounting software is that many “AI startups” are actually using humans.

The problems with this approach are numerous:
– Humans are notorious for making mistakes and their reliability is significantly affected by physical, mental, and emotional states (machines don’t need to sleep and recuperate).
– Human extraction teams are painfully slow.
– Human intervention diminishes trust and data privacy, putting customers and businesses at risk.

Veryfi’s 100% machine automation is what makes us unique.

Veryfi software sees semantics and structural layout and extracts value by taking unstructured documents and turning them into rich structured data, often enriched with contextual mobile data. This unrivaled precision and speed delights customers, builds trust, and makes Veryfi stand out from the crowd.

Read more on how to identify bad software.


The word “apps” has been watered down over the past few years to mean practically any piece of software. At Veryfi, we use the word “app” to mean a mobile app natively built for a smartphone using iPhone or Android.

The firm of the future isn’t constrained to a desk. It’s mobile. 70% of the Construction workforce today is mobile. Even the 40 million Americans in the gig economy are mobile. These firms of the future needs their own native mobile tools.

Veryfi is an AI-mobile-first business built on RESTful APIs that are globally distributed to ensure performance and reliability to tens of thousands of iOS, Android, and web users, wherever they are. This allows Team Veryfi to focus on building a bookkeeper in everyone’s pocket that is available 24-7.

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Veryfi works with your Accounting software

Veryfi connects and sends all the extracted meta data inc. pictures of receipts to your favorite accounting software in real-time or using rules based workflow. Veryfi supports the following accounting integrations:

Veryfi is built for your Field Teams

Veryfi is perfect for Teams in the field. Veryfi allows you to connect the field and office providing financial stakeholders the data they need in real-time.

This is achieve using Veryfi’s highly ranked mobile-1st apps. As a stakeholder, you give your team Veryfi mobile apps to record time & materials and then sit back and watch all that data stream in real-time into your Veryfi command center (aka hub web app).

Read how Mahogany Builders eliminated 1 day per week of bookkeeping using Veryfi’s solution.

Veryfi improves productivity & saves time

Time is money. Veryfi’s machine vision and machine proprietary algorithms never sleep working for you to remove the burden of manual data entry, human categorization & reconciliation, in real-time.

We understand productivity. Ernest (Veryfi cofounder) has founded GSDfaster productivity. The learnings are applied to Veryfi. We understand that if something isn’t done it hangs around in your head. This is why Veryfi is a REAL-TIME solution. Your documents are OCR’ed in real-time with precision so you can mentally let go of expense management and trust Veryfi to handle the rest.

When your head is clear you can truly move on to other important tasks.

On average a small business can save a day per week of human labor when Veryfi is deployed across the organization.

Veryfi gives you a wealth of Insights

Today, Veryfi extracts from each receipt:

  • Vendor name & address: even from a logo alone ~ hello ML (Machine Learning),
  • Totals inc. subtotal, taxes, GST, HST, VAT et al,
  • Tips (even handwritten ~ hello ML again,
  • Date & Time,
  • Card type ~ Visa, Amex, Mastercard et al.,
  • Invoice #
  • Auto Currency conversions when traveling overseas,
  • Categorizes the receipt based on your local accounting tax codes and
  • OCR text
  • More Invoice meta,
  • Line by line purchases with individual categorization and
  • few other surprises being brewed in our R&D house 🙂

Veryfi gives you exceptional human customer support

Veryfi’s “no bull” approach to customer support means we pair your customer enquiries with a real human based in Silicon Valley who uses the product on a regular basis. This means you get to speak to a person that can help you immediately. You won’t be passed on to someone else or someone that reads a script. Speak with us, use the in-app Chat feature or email us on support@veryfi.com

Veryfi is getting better every day

Whether it’s the feedback/star rating you leave on iTunes or email or any online forum; we hear you. And we act fast. We don’t just say we will do it and never do, we actually execute. We release new versions of our mobile apps every 2 weeks with new features & bug fixes because we want you to have the best experience possible.

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